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Yacht Charters in the Bahamas | Anchor Rides

Spending time in the Bahamas is great, but spending time there on a yacht is even better!


Why Choose the Bahamas for Your Yacht Rental Excursion?

When you think of the Bahamas, you most likely think of beautiful beaches and oceanfront luxury. When you think of a yacht, you most likely think of incredible relaxation and unbelievable opulence. So, what if you combine these things? What if you could have the beauty, the luxury, the relaxation, and the opulence all at once? 

This is possible with yacht charters in the Bahamas. With these, you can explore one of the world’s most idyllic locations in one of the most luxurious settings


How to Enjoy Yacht Rental in the Bahamas with Anchor Rides

While renting a yacht in the Bahamas seems like an unbelievable dream, it can be your reality. This is because Anchor Rides makes it easy to rent a yacht in this dream destination. 

Find a Location Near You

Before you do anything else, you will need to select a location for your Bahamas yacht rental. This will likely be based on where you will stay in the Bahamas. 

Select Your Departure Date

Next, you will need to decide what day you want to charter a yacht. Try to plan ahead of time to make sure there are charters available on the day you want to go out. The sooner you book your charter, the less chance someone else will book your perfect charter out from under you. 

Choose Your Yacht

Once you select the day and location, you will be given a list of available yachts. From this list, you can choose one that suits your needs. Depending on the day, this list may be quite large and will require you to sort through the options. 

Request and Confirm Availability

After selecting your yacht, you can make a request. This will confirm that everything works for your rental. 

Reserve Your Yacht Rental

With this confirmation, you can make the reservation. This is the point in the process where the yacht is set aside for you to use on the day you select. 

Select Your Crew and Captain

At this time, you will also need to select a Captain. Your Captain will helm the boat while you are out on the water. If you need a crew, the crew will also be selected. 

Begin Your Excursion in the Bahamas

With the process complete, all you have left to do is enjoy the yacht. This is the final step in the process and is easily the most fun.


Why Choose Anchor Rides for Your Bahamas Yacht Rental?

Transparent Pricing

When building your Bahamas budget, you want exact numbers. Anchor Rides provides you with clear pricing that tells you exactly how much you will pay. This makes it easy to build the budget for your trip. 


You can plan out your entire Bahamas yacht rental from the comfort of your computer months before you even go to the Bahamas. This level of convenience makes it even easier to integrate a yacht rental into your time there. 

Customize Your Experience

Anchor Rides allows you to customize your experience to your liking. Going out on a yacht for a romantic dinner for two is very different from going out on a yacht for a big party. With us, you can fine-tune the details to get exactly the mood and setting you want.  

Professional Crew

Every Anchor Rides rental will be captained by one of our well-trained crew members. Your Captain will take care of the boat for you and let you focus on simply having a good time. Meanwhile, if you have additional crew members, they will ensure that your experience is as memorable and relaxing as possible. For example, adding on a steward will mean you have someone on the boat to get you drinks whenever you need one

Talk to a Charter Expert

Our Charter Experts make booking your yacht charter in the Bahamas even easier. They are your point person for questions, comments, or concerns about your yacht rental. Having them ensures that a real person is keeping tabs on your situation and helping you along the way. This stands in stark contrast to the customer service from other yacht charter companies, which is often bare-bones. 


Want to learn more about the options that can make your Bahamas yacht charter truly memorable? Get in touch with us and talk to a Charter Expert to see the possibilities!


Yacht Charters in the Bahamas for Special Events

Yacht charters are a great choice for a range of special events. They can be part of a gift or a way to enhance the event overall. 


The Bahamas is a dream destination for many small weddings. To add to that dream, you can take the entire wedding party out on a yacht and conduct the ceremony on the water

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Many of the yachts available from Anchor Rides are equipped with amenities that make it easy to throw a bachelor or bachelorette party from onboard. These include spaces for drinks, impressive speaker systems, and even the ability to serve full meals onboard. You can have all of the fun of a club or bar while in the middle of the ocean!

Birthday Parties

You can do almost whatever you want on your yacht. If you want to bring a cake and throw a birthday party, you’re more than welcome to! Many of the yachts we offer even come with equipment to make birthday parties more fun. This includes floating noodles, snorkel gear, and other floats. Some even have jet skis!

Family Reunions

Yachts can hold quite a few people. In fact, you can conduct a small family reunion from the comfort of a yacht. This will be one family reunion everyone will talk about in the future. 

Graduation Parties

A vacation to the Bahamas already makes for an incredible graduation party. However, you can make it even more incredible by including a yacht rental with the trip. 


The beautiful ocean surrounding the islands in the Bahamas is romantic already. However, viewing these sights from a luxurious yacht deepens the romance. This is particularly true if you select a yacht option with cooking onboard. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Yacht in the Bahamas?

Many of the yachts available in the Bahamas tend to cost somewhere between $1,000 to $4,000 for a half-day rental. However, others are more expensive. These can range anywhere from $3,000 to over $9,000 for a top-of-the-line yacht. 

How Many Passengers Are Allowed?

Each of our boats is limited to a specific number of passengers that cannot be exceeded. This number is usually around 12-13 people for the boats we have in the Bahamas. 

Can We Bring More People Than We Planned?

If you suddenly decide to bring a few extra people on your trip, it usually isn’t a problem. That is, as long as the total number of people still doesn’t exceed the boat’s maximum. Make sure to contact your charter expert to make sure this works for your specific situation. 

What Safety Practices Are In Place?

Safety is a top priority at Anchor Rides. The Captain of your ship is equipped to handle any number of situations and has been instructed to keep safety as a priority. We live by the maxim of “safety first… fun second”. 

What If the Weather Is Bad?

If the weather is bad enough to cancel a charter, you will receive a charter voucher. This will allow you to book another charter for the same or less value within a year that your original charter was set to occur.


Nassau Yacht Charters

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