Cancun Yacht Rentals

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About Cancun Yacht Rentals

Cancun Yacht Rentals

Make your time in Cancun even more relaxing and fun with a Cancun yacht rental.

Why Rent a Yacht in Cancun?

Cancun is one of the world’s most luxurious and relaxing destinations. The city’s shore is packed with amazing resorts, beautiful beaches, and energetic nightlife. A little off the shore, you can find breathtakingly blue waters ripe for exploration. 

These waters hold the real fun in Cancun. You can take a yacht out on the water to party, explore, witness nature, or do anything else you want. They offer the ultimate form of freedom in a destination that already feels incredibly liberating. Overall, a yacht rental is something that everyone visiting Cancun should consider. 

Places To Explore on a Private Cancun Tour

  • Isla Mujeres
  • Riviera Maya
  • Cozumel

Make Planning Your Cancun Yacht Rental Easy with Anchor

Planning your boat rental in Cancun is easier than you might think. At Anchor, we’ve created a streamlined process that anyone can follow. 

Pick Your Departure Location

The first step in the process is to pick a departure location. This is the place your rental will leave from. Where you choose will likely depend on where you are staying in Cancun, as staying nearby will make it easier to get out for your rental. 

Select Your Departure Date

The next step is to choose the date you want to depart. Planning this ahead of time will give you a larger selection of options, so try to plan your trip as early as you can. Since you can book online with Anchor, nothing is stopping you from booking early.

Choose Your Yacht

With a location and date selected, you will see a list of available yachts. You can sort through this list and look at each option that interests you. Clicking on the options will even give you more information about each yacht and could make your decision easier. 

Request and Confirm Availability

Once you find the yacht you like best, you can request it. This lets us double-check that the yacht is available and will work for your purposes. 

Reserve Your Yacht Rental

After this confirmation, you can make the actual reservation. This will require making a small deposit which will be returned to you after your rental. 

Choose Your Crew and Captain

At this time, you also need to select your crew. You will need to select a captain for every ride, as we require captains to accompany each rental. However, you also have the option to select additional crew members. For example, you can hire a bartender or a cook if you want to have a bar or serve dinner on your rental. 

Welcome Aboard!

With all of these features selected, the process is nearly complete! The only thing you have left to do is actually hit the water with your rental. Just show up at your designated location on your designated date, and you’ll be ready to go. 


Why Choose Anchor for Your Cancun Yacht Rental?

Anchor offers the best yacht rentals in Cancun. This is because of the way we approach rentals and the advantages we offer. 

We Make It Convenient

Planning a trip to Cancun requires making a lot of preparations and balancing many variables. You don’t want to get there only to find out that no boats are available or that you have to wait around all day for your rental to be ready. With Anchor, you can book everything in advance and have your rental waiting for you on the day you select. 

A Custom Experience Just for You

Everyone wants something different out of a yachting experience. However, some rental companies only offer a very limited selection of options and make you choose from one of them, preventing you from getting a more individualized rental. The customization options available with Anchor make it so that you get exactly what you want from your chosen experience. 

Upfront Pricing

When planning a trip to Cancun, budget is always a concern. You want to know how much things will cost beforehand so that you can properly plan for them. However, many companies will include hidden fees or neglect to tell you about certain upcharges until you show up for your rental. This isn’t something you have to worry about with Anchor. With us, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying ahead of time so that you can properly plan for it. 

Worry Less With a Professional Crew

The crews with Anchor really make the difference. Just having a captain around to guide you takes a lot of the stress and worry of a rental off your shoulders. However, the option to take on additional crew can make things even easier. 

Charter Experts to Help Make Your Dreams Come True

At Anchor, we have a staff of charter experts whose job is to make sure you get exactly what you want from your yacht rental. You can contact them to see if something you want to do is possible or if you want to change anything about your rental. They will give you advice and change things so that you get exactly what you’re looking for. 


Curious about the possibilities that come along with an Anchor yacht rental? Get in touch with us to learn more!


Make Your Special Event Unforgettable on a Yacht in Cancun


Cancun is an amazing place for a wedding, and many couples choose it as the centerpiece of their destination wedding. A boat can enhance this entire experience. You can bring the entire group onto the boat and have the wedding right out on the water. You can also have the wedding on a nearby beach and head out for a boat cruise immediately after, getting a jump start on the honeymoon. 

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Many people choose to go to Cancun for a bachelor or bachelorette party because of the nightlife. However, the real parties take place out on the water. With a yacht, your group can party to their hearts’ content while also taking time to soak up the sun and jump into the water. 

Birthday Parties

If you want to go all out for a birthday party, there is no better way to do it than to party on a yacht. Many of our yacht rentals include features like speaker systems, drink storage areas, and even the ability to make food onboard. These make hosting a party out on the water even easier. 


There is something magical and romantic about spending an evening out on the water. This is particularly true in a place like Cancun, where both the natural and man-made surroundings add a stunning backdrop to the boat ride. All of this magic and romance make a yacht rental the perfect way to spend an anniversary. 

Graduation Parties

Another type of party many choose to go all-out for is a graduation party. These are a chance to celebrate a major life achievement. A life achievement like this easily justifies something as wild and crazy as a day out on the waters in Cancun. 

Family Reunions

Cancun is an incredibly unique place for a family reunion. However, the city can be wild and hard to manage. Renting a yacht for a family reunion gives you a place where everyone can get together without worrying about other groups. Your yacht rental can be a place for uninterrupted conversations and fun. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Yacht in Cancun?

Yacht rentals in Cancun vary in price depending on what kind of yacht you want to rent. Smaller yachts with fewer options can cost around $2,500 for a rental. Meanwhile, larger yachts with more options can cost around $6,000. In between these numbers are plenty of intermediate options as well. 

How Many Passengers Are Allowed?

Each yacht can take on a different number of passengers depending on its size. The yachts we have available in Cancun can take on anywhere between 8 and 15 people. Just make sure to check the yacht’s information page, as it will list the maximum number of people it can accommodate. 

Can We Bring More People Than We Planned?

If you initially plan to bring a certain number of people and end up wanting to bring more, it is possible to do so. Contact us, and we will verify that the change is alright. 

The only situation where this isn’t possible is when the additional people would exceed the maximum number of people the yacht can take on. In this case, additional people cannot be added. 

What Safety Practices Are In Place?

Anchor has a number of safety practices in place on every ride. Foremost among these is our “safety first… fun second” rule, which we outline in our Passenger FAQs. This rule means that our staff constantly has a set of safety practices at the forefront of their mind and will follow these above other concerns. This allows each ride to stay as safe and secure as possible. 

What If the Weather Is Bad?

In cases where the weather is slightly bad, you can still go on your rental as planned. You may have to wait a bit to weather out the storm, but in many cases, it will quickly clear up and leave you plenty of time to finish your rental. 

However, if the weather is bad enough to compromise safety, the rental will be canceled according to our policy. In this situation, you will be issued a voucher for the cost of the rental, which you can then use to book another rental within 365 days. 


Want to get out on the beautiful blue water in Cancun? Sign up for your Anchor account and get started with your yacht rental today! *Make the link lead to the pop-up for signing up for an account if possible*