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About Marina Del Rey Yacht Rentals | Best Yachts For Rent In Marina Del Rey

Yacht Rentals Marina Del Rey

Enjoy the best of yacht rental Marina Del Rey while on our luxury yacht charters

Marina Del Rey is one of California's premier yachting destinations, as it has one of the best harbors for recreational boats and yachts. Its laid-back vibe and fair weather add to the charm of this coastal community that keeps attracting adventure seekers and vacationers.

As Marina’s waterfront becomes more accessible for more people, Anchor is proud to be the number one yacht charter company in Marina Del Rey. Browse our amazing selection of yachts, make your reservation, and we’ll ensure you cruise in luxury and style.

Extraordinary Yacht Charter in Marina Del Rey for All Occasions

There are a hundred and one reasons why you would want to spend time cruising along the coast of Marina Del Rey in a luxury yacht. Fortunately, regardless of why you want to spend time on the sea, we are here to make your vacation special.

Over the years, we have helped thousands of clients have a memorable time and we have all it takes to make that occasion or event a huge success. Make a reservation with us and we’ll help ensure the best times in Marina Del Rey.

Our popular packages and occasions we can help you celebrate include:

Popular Holidays

Need a good plan for Thanksgiving Day, Fourth of July, or Memorial Day, among other popular holidays? Look no further, as Anchor has the perfect solution for you with our Marina Del Rey yacht rentals. Make an early reservation as these holidays can get quite busy, and get to celebrate that holiday in class and style.


Corporate Yacht Parties

Throw the best corporate party by getting a Marina Del Rey yacht rental and let everyone from your team let loose and enjoy the charm of this amazing paradise. We have mega catamaran yachts that can accommodate larger numbers as well as smaller yachts for small groups. The best part is that you can have your charter customized to suit your interests.

Private Family Celebrations

Getting together with your family on a yacht charter is a bucket list item for many people. Well, Anchor offers all you need to make this a reality with our family-friendly yacht charters. These charters are kid-friendly and can be tailored to suit your interests.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthdays and anniversaries are some of the most celebrated occasions globally, and there is no reason why you can’t have as much fun as possible with our Marina Del Rey yacht rentals. Let’s help make these special days memorable with a fully customized package, as you deserve the best when getting a year older or celebrating an anniversary. 

Weddings, Honeymoons, and Romantic Getaways

Love conquers all they say, and what better way to have quality time with your loved one than with a relaxing and adventurous yacht charter in Marina Del Rey? You’ll love the exciting variety of yachts we have available, plus our expertise in providing romantic escapades.

Multi-Day and Full-Day Adventure Cruises

Spend the entire day or several days at sea with our full-day and multi-day adventure cruises. These charters are designed to make you have as much fun as possible while visiting as many spots as possible around Marina Del Rey.

Half-Day and Evening Cruises

The demand for our half-day and evening cruises in Marina Del Rey is growing because of how convenient these packages are for vacationers keen on engaging in other activities. With the half-day yacht charter, you’ll have a six-hour reservation and for our evening cruises, you’ll get a 4-hour reservation that runs till sunset.

All Other Kinds of Events

We accommodate all other yacht rental needs not mentioned here. Therefore, we have your back whenever you want to celebrate a special occasion or event with a luxury yacht charter. Simply reach out to us and we’ll ensure you get the perfect yacht rental for that occasion or event.

Get More with the Best Marina Del Rey Yacht Rentals 

Renting a luxury yacht with Anchor is extremely simple, and you never have to settle for less when we are here to ensure you get the best of the best in Marina Del Rey. With us, you have a team that consistently goes the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

Here is what you’ll get with us:

A Simple Book-By-Date Process

We have a simple online booking process, which you can complete in no time. Simply pick your departure date and time, check the available yacht rentals in Marina Del Rey on the specific date, make your pick, and complete your reservation. Remember, you’ll need to create an account with us, plus you can easily select the best yacht by sorting the available options according to price, number of guests, yacht category, and length.

World-Class Yachts Rental Marina Del Rey

All the listed yachts have been pre-inspected to meet the high standards our customers expect. They are also professionally maintained and run, so you never compromise your safety and comfort. Our listing also keeps growing by the day and whatever you need, you will surely get it with us.

Professional Customer Support and Charter Experts

We all value convenience, and at Anchor, we are ever looking for better ways to attend to all our customers. Our customer support team and charter experts are available to ensure you get the best services and that everything runs smoothly. Once you make your reservation, you’ll receive timely official communication about your charter to avoid any inconveniences.

Experienced Captains and Crews

We do not just provide you with luxury yachts, we have a team of captains and crews who have served many customers in Marina Del Rey. After reserving your yacht, you’ll need to select a captain and, whenever necessary, a crew to provide the services you need during your cruise.

Transparent Pricing

At Anchor, we give you the confidence to reserve a yacht without worrying about hidden charges. Our transparent pricing makes budgeting for a yacht rental Marina Del Rey easier and avoids last-minute hiccups that often emerge with these charters. 

We Also Serve the Greater Marina Del Rey Area

We are proud to be a top-rated Marina Del Rey yacht rental company and have a wider base of operation as we also serve the greater surrounding coastline. Therefore, you can also rely on us for yacht rentals in Marina Del Rey whenever you need to take on those open waters.

Don't Let the Party Stop in Marina del Rey

Anchor offers yacht rentals in many other locations near Marine del Rey. You can find charters in San Diego and Cabo San Lucas. These charters are an unforgettable experience that you don't want to miss out on. Click here to view our Los Angeles and Cabo San Lucas locations.


  1. What is the best time for a yacht rental in Marina Del Rey?

The weather in Marina Del Rey is pleasant most times of the year, as even its winters, typically lasting from December to February, are cool. As such, you can choose to have your Marina Del Rey yacht charter any time of the year, depending on the weather and season you like best.

  1. How much will a Marina Del Rey yacht rental cost?

Our prices vary depending on the yacht you want and how long you want to rent it. On average, renting a yacht in Marina Del Rey will range from $2000 to ups of $10,000+ for half-day rentals.

  1. Are your yachts safe?

We are a well-established yacht rental company with safety policies implemented across all our regions of operations. Therefore, regarding your safety, you can be assured that we’ll offer high-value solutions that meet and exceed the industry’s standards.

  1. What happens if the weather forecast predicts bad weather?

As a policy, we do not cancel your yacht rental based on a weather forecast. Instead, it is up to the captain to decide if the weather presents a safety hazard or if it is just a bad patch you can wait for a short while. If your yacht charter has to be canceled, we’ll reschedule it by giving you a voucher of similar value to the cost of your charter that you can redeem within 365 days.

Go For Luxury: Enjoy Your Marina Del Rey Yacht Rental with the Best in the Region

When renting a yacht in Marina Del Rey, there is no room for settling for less when you can always get more from Anchor. With our experience and amazing range of yachts listed, we guarantee the best experience.

Let’s help make your yachting charter extra special; make a reservation today and we’ll make your cruise memorable. 

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