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Yacht Rentals St. Pete | Best Yacht Charters in St. Petersburg, Florida

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St. Pete yacht rentals 

Welcome to St. Petersburg, FL, one of the fastest-growing cities in Florida! Anchor has a beautiful fleet of yachts available for rent or charter in the greater St. Pete area. St. Pete is the perfect yacht charter destination, with intracoastal waterways to view mansions, sandbars for swimming and water activities, and a large selection of yacht charters to choose from. Whether you're celebrating a bachelor or bachelorette party, birthday, or just hangin' with your crew, Anchor is the top-rated yacht rental company in St. Pete!


Day Charters

St. Pete has plenty to offer for a perfect yacht charter. We offer 4 hour rentals, 6 hour rentals, and full-day rentals. We also offer multi-day trips if you want to visit destinations like Fort Myers, Cape Coral, South Seas, Marco Island, and Florida Keys. Day charters are an affordable way for you and your crew to rent a private yacht with Captain and Crew included. Also included in the price of your charter is local cruising fuel, cleaning fees, service fees & taxes, and even some gratuity on most charter listings. Most of our yachts have a 13 guest max, not including the Captain and Crew. So grab 12 of your best friends and head out for a St. Petersburg yacht charter with Anchor!


Find the perfect yacht rental in St. Pete

Anchor has hundreds of yachts available for rent with a Captain. You can shop and browse yachts and filter by date, location (using the map), size, budget, and much more. Book a yacht with confidence with our transparent and all-inclusive pricing. Never worry about hidden fees or additional costs, unless you want to add provisions to your charter. Finding the perfect yacht charter in St. Pete is super easy with Anchor. If you're interested in a St. Pete Boat Rental instead check out this page to view our available inventory!


Yacht rentals and yacht charters to Egmont Key

Egmont Key is a popular yachting destination with beautifully clear / turquoise water. Egmont Key is located just North of St. Petersburg and just north of Anna Maria Island, so if your yacht is departing from downtown St. Pete, you'll want to book a minimum of a 6 hour charter, or save money with the discounted full-day (8 hour) yacht charter options. 


Yacht rentals and yacht charters to Johns Pass Sandbar

Johns Pass is located a bit further south and is a great local meet up location for yachters. If you've chartered a yacht from downtown St. Pete, you\'ll want to be sure to book a 6 hour rental or 8 hour rental to ensure you have enough time to get there. Johns Pass is a really fun local sandbar where yachters party 7 days a week. Mostly on Saturdays and Sundays.


Looking For Something Smaller?

View our st pete boat rental selection here. We offer amazing charters in great areas around St Pete. Book very quickly and easily to enjoy a great day on the water!

Looking For a Pontoon?

View our tampa pontoon rental selection here. We offer amazing charters in great areas all over Tampa. Book very quick and easy and enjoy a great day on the water!


Weather in St. Pete

Always keep in mind the weather when planning your yacht rental experience. St. Petersburg is an ideal location for a yacht charter, either while on vacation or “staycation” because of the wonderful weather patterns. Located just above the tropical divide, the winters range in the 70°s and summers in the 90°s, so there's no wrong time to visit. While it may rain frequently in St. Pete, the storms are almost always scattered and very short in duration, oftentimes only lasting a few minutes and then the sun is shining again. If you're traveling to St. Pete in the cooler months of the year, be sure to pack some layers to wear while on your yachting trip, especially if you plan to go yachting in the evening. If you're traveling during the summer months, remember to stay hydrated and take some extra precautions when it comes to sun care.

When planning to rent a yacht in St. Pete, your Captain will keep an eye on the weather patterns. The Captain will warn you of any weather that could cause your yacht charter to be canceled, rescheduled, or departure time pushed back. Safety is always our top priority.


Other popular yacht charter destinations near St. Petersburg

St. Pete is located on the west coast of Florida and is nestled near several other wonderful yachting destinations, so if you can't find the yacht charter you're looking for in St. Pete, check out these other amazing locations. Anna Maria Island and Sarasota, Fl are the nearest yachting destinations. Tampa Bay has yachts available just 30 minutes from St. Pete.  Ft. Myers and Cape Coral are about an 2 hour drive south and located below the tropical divide for warmer weather in the winter months.


How much does it cost to rent a yacht in St Pete?

The average cost to rent a yacht in St. Pete is $2200.00 (USD)


Average cost of a 4 hour yacht rental = $2200.00*

Average cost of a 6 hour yacht rental = $2900.00*

Average cost of a 8 yacht rental = $3300.00*


*The average cost of a yacht charter or yacht rental can differ based on the size of the yacht and the year the yacht was manufactured. Newer yachts are more expensive, but they are cleaner and offer nicer amenities. And bigger yachts are typically more expensive, but they offer often more space, amenities, crew, and overall experience. 


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