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About Yacht Rental Chicago

Yacht Rental in Chicago

A yacht rental in Chicago is the perfect way to turn an ordinary day in the Windy City into something extraordinary. 

Why Charter a Yacht in Chicago, Illinois?

Chicago sits right on the shore of Lake Michigan. This makes Chicago the perfect backdrop for a yachting excursion. Cruising near the city gives spectacular views of the city’s skyline, Millennium Park, and other nearby locations. 

Lake Michigan is also one of the largest lakes in the world. Lake Michigan has 1,640 miles of shoreline and is more than 307 miles long. This wide expanse of water gives plenty of opportunities for yachting fun. The water is a stunning beautiful serene green-blue. Whether you want to jump in the water, jetski, go for a romantic dinner cruise, or do something else entirely, you can do it from Chicago. 

How to Enjoy Yacht Rental in Chicago with Anchor Rides

Renting a yacht in Chicago and exploring the water around it sounds like a difficult affair. However, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, with Anchor Rides, renting a yacht in Chicago can be incredibly easy. 

Find a Location Near You

First, you’ll need to find a location near you. You can use our website to search for places that will work in Chicago, and you’re sure to find one that suits your situation. 

Select Your Departure Date

Once you have your location determined, you need to pick what date you want to hit the water. You can look through the list of available dates and pick one or more that works for you. 

Choose Your Yacht

Next, you can choose the yacht you want to take out. This means browsing through our selection of hundreds of different yachts. If you are interested in Chicago boat rentals instead check out this page to view our entire inventory.

Request and Confirm Availability

With all of this information decided you can submit your request. If everything works out, your request will be accepted. Once it is, you will be able experiences the rental choices you have made. 

Reserve Your Yacht Rental

With all of this confirmed, you can make the actual reservation. This means putting down a small, returnable security deposit, which is what holds your reservation. 

Select Your Crew and Captain

You will need a Captain to pilot your yacht for you. Each of our rental yachts has a list of Captains who are eligible to work with the yacht in question. You will have your choice of who you want to come out with you. 

Begin Your Outing in Chicago

With all of this complete, you are ready to embark on your excursion. At this point, all you have left to do is show up at the location you determined at the time you determined.

Why Choose Anchor Rides for Your Chicago Yacht Rental?

Transparent Pricing

With some yacht rentals, it is hard to know what you’ll actually be paying for your yacht rental. You think you’ve got the final price, then the company adds on service fees, cleaning fees, and other seemingly random charges. With Anchor Rides, you don’t have to worry about this; the price on our website is the price you will pay


The process for getting a yacht through Anchor Rides is simple and straightforward. You simply have to complete the process on our website and then show up. This avoids the complex process other companies will run you through. 

Customize Your Experience

With Anchor Rides, you customize every aspect of the experience. Other companies may limit your choices to a single yacht, a single Captain, and a limited number of days. So, if you want an experience tailor-made for you, Anchor Rides is the obvious choice. 

Professional Crew

At Anchor Rides, we make sure to only work with professionals. Everyone coming on the yacht, from the Captain to the crew, will be well-trained. This allows them to ensure you have a good time while simultaneously ensuring you’re safe. 

Talk to a Charter Expert

The best way to get started with a yacht excursion is by talking with one of our Charter Experts. They know exactly what is possible with a yacht rental and can help you select everything you need. 


Ready to get started planning your yacht rental in Chicago? Get in touch with one of our Charter Experts and learn more about all of the exciting options available to you!


Yacht Rental in Chicago for Special Events

While you can rent a yacht any day of the week, many choose to rent them for special events. These include: 

Holiday Yacht Charters and Local Events

Make the holidays special for your family or group outing. Here are some ways to enjoy special holidays during the summer season with friends and family:

  • Start the summer off with a Memorial Day yacht outing.
  • Spend July 4th on a yacht and watch the Chicago fireworks.
  • Plan a special Mother's Day or Father's Day.
  • Say goodbye to summer with a Labor Day yacht party.
  • Navy Pier Summer Fireworks - From Memorial Day through Labor Day, the Navy Pier puts on a dazzling fireworks display every Wednesday and Saturday night.
  • Experience the Chicago Air and Water Show from a yacht.
  • Venetian Night, Chicago's oldest event, dates back to 1958. It includes a yacht parade featuring decorated and illuminated vessels followed by a spectacular fireworks display. View this magical event from the comfort of your private yacht.

The Playpen Yacht Party

A popular summer hotspot, the Playpen is an area off Chicago's shoreline known for its calm waters and incredible city views. It's an ideal location for a yacht party with friends and family. Anchor in the Playpen, blast your favorite tunes and enjoy a day of sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing on your private yacht.


Imagine a wedding that ends by cruising into the sunset. With a yacht rental, this is entirely possible. You can end the night and start your honeymoon in the most luxurious setting imaginable

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Many of our yachts have all the amenities you need to host the perfect bachelor or bachelorette party. These yachts accommodate multiple people, have coolers for food and drinks, and have Bluetooth speakers so you can play music. 

Birthday Parties

Want a milestone event to celebrate a milestone birthday? A yacht rental can provide exactly this. You can bring the birthday cake and cut it in the middle of the lake!


There is nothing more romantic than a date out on the water. With a yacht rental, you can set out right from Chicago and watch the sunset as you spend a beautiful anniversary together. 

Family Reunions

Family reunions are notoriously awkward. However, they don’t have to be. A luxurious yacht will put everyone at ease and create a better space to talk and connect

Graduation Parties

Graduation should be a genuine celebration. There is no better way to celebrate in style than on an amazing yacht. Celebrating this way will create a memorable experience that will stay in everyone’s mind for life.


Looking For Something Smaller?

View our boat rental chicago selection here. We offer amazing charters in great areas around Chicago. Book very quick and easy and enjoy a great day on the water!

Looking For a Party Boat?

View our party boat rental chicago selection here. We offer amazing charters in great areas all around Chicago. Book very quick and easy and enjoy a great day on the water!

Looking For a Pontoon?

View our pontoon rental lake of the ozarks selection here. We offer amazing charters in great areas all over Lake of the Ozarks. Book very quick and easy and enjoy a great day on the water!


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Yacht in Chicago?

Yacht rentals in Chicago range quite a bit in cost. For a half-day out on the water, you can expect to spend somewhere between $1,000 to $2,000 on average. 

However, that price can be driven up if you want anything more than the basics. A larger yacht that can handle more people, a full day of yachting, and any add-ons will cost more. 

All of this is laid out very clearly on our website. If you search for yachts in Chicago on our site, you will immediately get a list of available yachts and the base price they cost. 

How Many Passengers Are Allowed?

The number of passengers will vary depending on the yacht. Larger yachts can typically handle more people, while smaller ones will handle less. 

For yachts in Chicago, the average number of passengers tends to range from seven to 13 maximum guests. However, the best way to find out exactly how many passengers a yacht can take on it is to check the information page about it. Here, the maximum number of passengers will be clearly listed. 

Can We Bring More People Than We Planned?

The answer to this question depends on the situation. However, in general, if the number of guests is still lower than the maximum number of people the yacht can handle, it is usually alright to bring them. If it exceeds this number, then it is not permitted. 

What Safety Practices Are In Place?

Numerous safety practices are in place on all of our yacht rides. We follow all relevant laws relating to yacht operations to keep you safe. In addition, our Captains are USCG licensed, and the crew is well-trained and will address any potentially dangerous situation in a way that will keep you safe. 

What If the Weather Is Bad?

If the weather is bad on the day of your yacht rental, we can work to reschedule it based on our cancellation policy. We’ll provide you with a charter voucher for the same amount of the yacht you paid for. You can then use this to schedule another yacht rental within one year. 

Looking to experience the sights of Chicago from the water? Sign up for your Anchor account and get started today! *Make the link lead to the pop-up for signing up for an account if possible*

Chicago Yacht & Yacht Charter FAQs 


Where do I board my yacht charter in Chicago?

Chicago has 20+ marinas in and around the downtown area. Each of our vessels is docked at different locations throughout downtown. Be sure to check each yacht page for more information.

Where do I find a Captain for my trip?

Anchor only uses USCG licensed captains for all of our yacht rentals. You may select from our approved list of vetted local captains who are experienced with Chicago’s Great Lakes and waterways. 

When is Chicago’s prime yachting season?

Yachting weather is typically extremely favorable from early May through most of October. 

Can we bring food and beverages (including alcohol) onboard?

Most certainly you can bring food and beverages, including alcohol for your outing. However, liquids that stain, such as red wine, cranberry juice, etc. are expressly prohibited. Visit our FAQ page for more details or inquire with your concierge. 

Can our concierge provide catering and other services?

Don’t want the hassle of bringing your own food and beverage? Don’t worry. Our concierge can arrange for food and beverage to be supplied from Chicago’s top caterers. Need music or a live DJ? How about an onboard massage? We can handle all of these requests. Just reach out to one of our concierges and they will have all the arrangements made for you.

Be Sure To Read Our Entire FAQ section

To enjoy the best experience, visit our comprehensive FAQ page where you will find more detailed information on what to expect for your Anchor charter, including weather cancellations, food & beverage allowed on board, and more.