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About Yacht Rentals Los Angeles

Yacht Rental in Los Angeles

Turn your time in LA into something you’ll never forget with a yacht rental with Anchor.

Why Rent a Yacht in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a city that defines the word luxurious. It is home to movie stars, celebrities, CEOs, and more. As such, it is also home to upscale restaurants, unique activities, classy destinations, and a world-class city that is ready to be explored. 

However, nothing in LA is more luxurious than a yacht rental. Whether you’re out there to spend the day fishing or just want to take in the views and have a few drinks, the entire experience is premium in the best way possible. The best part is, with the right rental program, anyone in LA can have their own yacht rental experience. 

How to Plan Your Yacht Rental in Los Angeles with Anchor

While you might initially think renting a yacht would be difficult, it is easier than you would initially believe. With Anchor, all you have to do is follow a simple process, and you’ll be ready to take a yacht out on the water. 

Pick Your Departure Location

The first step in this process is deciding where you want to launch from. This will impact the yachts that are available to you and where you will have to go when you rent the yacht. For example, you’ll find an entirely different selection when you search in Los Angeles than you would if you were to search in Miami, Florida

Select Your Departure Date

Next, you need to pick the day you want to take the yacht out. If possible, try to schedule in advance. This will allow you to have more options, as the options haven’t already been grabbed up by other people. 

Choose Your Yacht

With these two variables decided, you can now choose your yacht. Our website will give you a list of vessels that are available at your selected location on your selected day. You can browse through these options to find one that you like and will suit your needs. 

Request and Confirm Availability

Once you decide on the yacht you want to rent, you can make an official request for it. When we get your request, we will verify that it is available and that your rental can go through. 

Reserve Your Yacht Rental

When these details have been confirmed, you can make the actual yacht reservation. This will require putting down a small deposit, which will be returned to you after your rental. 

Pick Your Crew and Captain

With the yacht taken care of, you can decide who you want to bring on the yacht with you. You will need to select a captain for every rental. However, you can also choose additional crew members to take as well. They can provide services, like cooking or bartending, to make your yacht rental even better. 

Set Out in Los Angeles

Finally, you’re ready to hit the water. All you have left to do is show up at the location you selected on the day you choose. 

Why Choose Anchor for Your Yacht Rental in Los Angeles?

The best way to go about a yacht rental is with Anchor. We offer a superior rental process and options that other yacht rental companies do not. Together, these factors make us the obvious choice in Los Angeles. 

It’s Convenient

One thing that you’ll immediately notice when booking a rental with Anchor is how easy it is. Other companies will require you to go down to their office to complete your rental. However, with Anchor, almost everything can be handled entirely online and through our well-defined online process. This makes it easy to pick what you want to do and finalize all the details from the comfort of your home. 

Customize Your Experience

Anchor also excels in providing you with an entirely customizable experience. If you’re looking for a small fishing yacht to hit the water with a few friends, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for a party boat to go out with a variety of people, we’ve got you covered there too. These are just two examples of many different situations you can plan and customize with us

Transparent Pricing

With Anchor, what you see is what you get. We are very clear about how much it costs to charter a yacht rental with us. This means you don’t have to worry about surprise fees, random surcharges, or other unexpected costs. Instead, you can trust that we’ve already told you exactly what to expect from the bill. 

Worry Less With a Professional Crew

No matter how you choose to crew your yacht rental, you’ll be getting the best of the best. Our crew members are well-trained and capable of handling any situation you throw at them. They will allow you to have an even better experience than you would otherwise. 

Let Our Charter Expert Help You Along the Way

By choosing Anchor, you are also choosing to work with our charter experts. These members of our staff are your designated contact point for your rental. This means that you have a real person to talk to if you have questions to ask or want to know if an idea you have will work for your rental. 


Want to learn more about how Anchor can make your yacht rental in Los Angeles easy and memorable? Get in touch with us to learn more about the possibilities!


Host Your Special Event on a Yacht in Los Angeles

Any day you choose to rent a yacht in Los Angeles is a special day. This makes a yacht rental the perfect way to enhance a special event. 


Imagine getting wedding pictures with the ocean or the skyline of Los Angeles as your backdrop. With a yacht rental, you can have this along with your entire wedding ceremony. 

Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Many people want a yacht rental so they can let loose and party, particularly in the case of bachelor and bachelorette parties. Luckily, many of the yachts we offer can easily accommodate this. Just make sure to pick a boat with a sound system and a cooler or bar, and you’ll be ready to party on the water. 

Birthday Parties

If you want a way to truly celebrate a birthday in style, a yacht rental is a fantastic option. This is especially true considering the multitude of customization options available with our yacht rentals. These let you celebrate a birthday the way you want it to be celebrated. 


If you book a yacht on your anniversary, you can celebrate in style. With a luxury yacht, you can have a romantic dinner for two or bring the whole family with you to celebrate together. 

Graduation Parties

A graduation is a momentous occasion in anyone’s life. In Los Angeles, there is no better way to celebrate a milestone like this than to hit the water on an incredible yacht. 

Family Reunions

A yacht makes a wonderful staging ground for a family reunion. Onboard, adults can escape the stresses of the city while kids enjoy themselves in the water. 

Explore The Area By Boat

Explore Marina Del Rey – A Boater's Paradise

Marina Del Rey, known as the premier waterfront playground of Los Angeles, boasts a wealth of recreational opportunities and stunning views. Our Los Angeles yacht rentals allow you to experience the splendor of this vibrant harbor, from its luxury waterfront homes to its bustling marina filled with sleek yachts and sailboats. With Anchor Yacht Rentals, your Marina Del Rey yacht charter will be an adventure you'll never forget.

Go Whale Watching in Santa Monica

Whales are active throughout the year in Santa Monica Bay. What better way to experience nature on a private yacht outing?


An Excursion To Catalina Island

Enjoy wildlife, scuba diving, or explore the island’s many offerings.


The Channels Islands Offer Unspoiled Nature

The Channel Islands are a national park that is uninhabited. Visit the pristine island as part of your Los Angeles yacht charter.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Yacht in Los Angeles?

There are a variety of yachts available in Los Angeles that all come with different costs. These yachts tend to fall from $2,000 to $6,000 for a half-day rental. However, there are a few premium options that cost $10,000 and up. 

How Many Passengers Are Allowed?

Each boat has a different limit when it comes to the number of passengers that are allowed onboard. In general, most tend to have a maximum of around 12 people. However, there are a few smaller or larger options that allow more or fewer people. 

Can We Bring More People Than We Planned?

If you unexpectedly end up wanting to bring more people than initially planned, it is sometimes possible for you to do so. Contact us, and we’ll make sure that it is alright. 

However, you can never bring more people than the boat you have chosen will allow. So, if the limit is 12 and you already have 12 people coming, you won’t be able to bring any additional guests. 

What Safety Practices Are In Place?

Anchor has numerous safety practices in place on every one of our rentals. The first has already been discussed, as our limit on the number of people helps keep everyone safe. Besides this, our captains are instructed to follow our policy of “safety first… fun second” and, thus, will constantly be on the lookout for anything that could threaten the safety of your group. 

What If the Weather Is Bad?

Our policy states that our yacht rentals will not be canceled based on the weather forecast. They can only be canceled by the captain if they deem that the weather presents a safety hazard. In most cases, this means simply waiting out a patch of bad weather in favor of some good weather afterward. 

However, if the weather does get bad enough to warrant a full cancellation, we can reschedule your rental. To do this, we’ll issue you a voucher that you can use to book a rental of the same or less cost within 365 days.


Want to enjoy the beauty of the Los Angeles water on your terms? Sign up for your Anchor account and get started with your custom yacht rental today! *Make the link lead to the pop-up for signing up for an account if possible*


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